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Even though the Holiday music still has about a week until it starts playing around the clock, it is time to think about your holiday custom picture framing needs.




Delaney admires her art after it has been framed by us and hung proudly in her home.  Look for her brother, Ben, and his "Frame Love," too.



Chris and I are THRILLED with what you did with that horse painting!  It looks  better than I had imagined!  Not sure if Chris told you, but when he was helping his Aunt clear stuff out of storage- she offered him  a bunch of prints, frames and paintings for the taking...She has some incredible art and was kind of perplexed when he said he'd just take that one crazy horse....When he sent the attached pics to her yesterday she was astounded ( and asked if one of us had "drawn her name for Christmas this yr) ...My hubby saw the weird beauty in that horse...and thank you for helping showcase it!

Rebecca Barbee


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